What Apple Really Needs to Do With iPhone 5S and 5C?

We have news that iPhone 5S and a possible mid-range version, iPhone 5C will be launched by the tenth of this month. There have been numerous rumors of these devices already. It’s Apple, and iPhone’s the most prestigious smartphone ever made; hence, there definitely will be rumors floating around year round. However, we know pretty well how Apple has been losing its market to competitors, Samsung, LG, and others in the last two or three years.

smartphone market share 2Q2013


In the tablet market, Apple still has its strong hold. iPad 4 and Mini are still at the top of tablet market, but the competition is growing strong as we speak. iPad Mini has not been impressive for us.

tablet market share Q2, 2013


In such a market, the most important and most prestigious product of Apple, iPhone has to come with some improvements in order to help the company stay on top of the competition. Let’s analyze.

iPhone 5S and 5C


Here’s what we have in news about these devices.

  • It’s possible that the devices will be released by 10th of this month.
  • It’s expected that there will be three variants of iPhone 5S, light golden color, graphite, and black.
  • The iPhone 5C will be coming with a plastic back with various colors.
  • Hardware specifications of iPhone 5S: dual-core CPU, quad-core GPU, 2GB RAM, IGZO screen (a Sharp technology that helps in power consumption), possible 12 MP camera, NFC and fingerprint scanners are also expected.
  • iPhone 5C will be a replacement for iPhone 5, and it will be priced low.
  • Both phones will come with iOS 7, the latest version of iOS.


What is IGZO technology that we are talking about? It’s a display technology, quite similar to others like AMOLED, TFT, etc. IGZO is expected to give quite a bit of power saving. Check it out here.

The image shows power saving of LCD vs. IGZO when displaying the same image.

IGZO power consumption


What Should Apple Do?


As you can see, the information that we already have doesn’t point to anything spectacular. Already, Android phones come with all kinds of technology. Samsung has given S4 that comes packed with features. HTC has One, which is amazing too. LG has G2 with super-packed features and a really fast processor, Snapdragon 800.

Android phones have revolutionized the mobile technology already, by driving the processing power to over 2 GHz, display sizes to over five and six inches, and lots and lots of technological innovations. Apple is still in 2010’s, which is kind of like saying ‘a person’s fashion is still in the seventies’.

Their best product that competes with Galaxy S4 and HTC One is iPhone 5, and its specifications are: 1.3 GHz CPU as opposed to 1.9 GHz of S4 and 2.26 GHz of LG G2; 8 MP camera as opposed to 12 MP and 13 MP ones found in the Android market; 1 GB RAM only; 4 inch screen as opposed to 5 inch, 5.2 inch, 6 inch, 6.3 inch etc., in Android market. iPhone 5 has a Retina display, whose allure is long gone; it is not even HD. iPhone’s battery is 1440 mAh only, while S4 has 2600 mAh battery and LG G2 has a whopping 3000 mAh battery, which is more than twice that of iPhone 5. iOS has a million apps and it still leads the app market, but Android is very close behind.

It does indeed seem that the Android phones best iPhone in every way possible. Still, Apple is hell-bent on insisting iPhone is the best smartphone out there. I say iPhone is the most productive still, due to the fact that it has so many apps, and so many gadget manufacturers make iPhone accessories and gadgets. The phone’s technology is still outdated and is in dire need for a definitive upgrade.

Upgrades Suggested


Apple has been slacking off in iPhone department for quite some time. They are overwhelmed by the developments happening in the Android world, but they are steadfast in not admitting that. Apple’s top management seems to have lost those innovative capabilities, and they are now struggling more than ever. You can actually see that in action when you watch any Apple top executive speaking.

I used to have utmost respect for Apple as a company, but now it really needs some kind of smart move for damage control. Here’s Apple’s stock performance since the time it has been adjudged as the highest valued company in the history of the world.

Apple stock, click to enlarge


Apple stock has fallen from its top of nearly 700 dollars by more than 200 dollars.

Let me suggest a few things that Apple do in order to continue as a highly profitable company.

  • First of all, Apple needs to innovate and become that company that first introduced iPhone in 2007. Come up with an innovative edition that is simply better than any other smartphone in the market. If Apple wants to be the company that makes the best device, it simply has to make the best device.
  • Display: Upgrade and come up with a larger, full HD IGZO panel that consumes less power.
  • Battery: We know iPhone is well optimized to last for a day of heavy usage with the battery it is coming with, but let’s say people need ‘a week’ of heavy usage. Optimize the battery for that.
  • Processing power: People need quad-core processing power, and Apple app store has apps that require better processing power and memory.
  • Support MicroSD
  • Give support for outside technologies and standards. One of the most important one is Near Field Communication (NFC).


  • Design and develop interfaces that supports data transfer between all other operating systems, through generic standards, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • If Apple is not willing to do any of these, reduce the price of the device, so that it is reasonable.

These are only some of the things that Apple can do to make the device better. The only thing that prevents Apple from coming up with a good product in this market is that their ego doesn’t allow them to incorporate technologies from other companies and organizations, even if those technologies are open source, easily licensable, and better than Apple’s own technologies.

Apple has had a stronghold for a long time, but the market has changed drastically now. Without innovative ideas, Apple’s future is doomed. BlackBerry once was very big in smartphone marketplace. It no longer is. It’s a lesson. General public aren’t stupid and they do not stick with a company that makes substandard products. If Apple’s trademark is innovation, they have to continue doing that. If it’s not happening, the company’s future will be at risk without question.



These are only a few things I mentioned about iPhone. There are other major things to discuss about other products—iPad, iPad Mini, etc. These products also need a drastic upgrade, not an iterative one. The time has long gone for iterative upgrades. Now, only significant product launches can help Apple.

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