How to Automate Setting Up New a New Computer?

After you purchase a new computer, you may set up a new operating system, Windows 7 or Windows 8. Probably the system comes with the OS preinstalled. But the real job comes after this. You will have to change the system settings, install your important programs from the previous computer, and create an environment that looks exactly like your old PC. This is a time consuming, tedious, mind-numbing job, if you know what I mean.

Is there a way to automate this process? Is there a way to transfer all your programs and settings with a few clicks at best? Is there a great way to get your new PC behave exactly like your old one out of the box? There is.

Laplink PC Mover Pro is a Windows application that will transfer all your settings from old computers to new ones. Here, watch this animation:

Moving your programs and settings from the old PC to the new one is as simple as a few steps.

1. Install Laplink PC Mover on both computers first. The installation is pretty straightforward, like installing any regular application. You may need to restart the computer after the installation.

2. Open up PC Mover application and you will find the wizard that will guide you in an easy transfer of files and software between systems.

PC Mover dialog


Select the appropriate option: PC to PC Transfer (self-explanatory); Windows Upgrade Assistant (If you are upgrading from old version of Windows, Windows XP/Vista/7 to Windows 7 or Windows 8); PC Mover and Image Drive Assistant (If you are trying to restore from an old image or an old hard drive).

You may see security alerts from Windows, and you should allow PC Mover to run. Also, it is recommended that you disable the firewall on the receiving system, so that the transfer of application programs and settings from the old PC happens smoothly.

Requirements and Limitations


When upgrading from the old PC to the new PC, when you transfer files and applications, PC Mover shows you the important requirements and limitations on this page.

Requirements of a PC to PC data transfer


These are also self-explanatory. Sometimes, the new operating system on the new PC may not support an application on the old computer, and hence it may not work. Sometimes, the system requirements of a program may not be met correctly on the new computer. Drivers tied to some hardware on the old computer may not compatible with the new PC and may not be transferred thus.

These warnings and basic steps you need to do, such as disabling firewall, are shown on this page.

Connection Method


As the next step, select how you will connect the old PC to the new one—over Wi-Fi, Ethernet cable (Laplink), or the Laplink USB cable. You can buy cables from Laplink itself or from any regular computer shop.

connecting old PC to new PC for transfer of files


Notifications and Customization


You can get proper notifications from the application about the completion of the task, via SMS or email.

getting SMS or email notifications


Also, you can configure the transfer options, either Standard or Advanced. Within Advanced transfer, you have more control over the transfer and set more options on user accounts, applications, drives, folders, etc.

Standard vs Advanced transfer
Advanced setup options


There are advanced customization options for each of these settings, and the application gives you complete control over how you want to set up the new PC.

Final Step


As the final step of transferring files between your old computer and the new one, it shows the progress dialog.

PC to PC transfer progress dialog


This is where the actual work is being done. Depending on the size and complexity of applications and settings on your old computer, the transfer can take minutes to several hours to complete. Once done, as mentioned earlier, the notification will come, and the program will show this finish dialog.

transfer finished dialog


PC Mover Advantages


PC Mover is the best upgrade companion to Windows. Here are a few advantages of the application.

  • It takes care of all applications and settings on your old PC and transfers them to the new one. In order to do the same task with a computer support company or executive, you will have to spend a lot more and it will take days.
  • Doing it yourself is one option, but it takes a lot of your valuable time.
  • Doing it yourself may also cause some unnecessary, unneeded issues.
  • The application is pretty easy to install and work with, and it gives extensive configuration options.
  • There are also other options that help you in easy upgrade to Windows 8 or Windows 7.


The one disadvantage is that the application doesn’t seem to be available for Mac OS X yet.

If you are looking for just upgrading to Win 7 or 8, there are individual applications that do just that. Windows 7 Upgrade Assistant and Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant.



With PC Mover, and other related Laplink applications, upgrading or transferring software and settings to a new PC becomes easier than ever. This automated PC set-up tool is one of the most unique out there.

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