You Can Now Install Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview on Android Nexus Devices

Ubuntu devices

You have probably read about Ubuntu for smartphones in our earlier article about it. This is a groundbreaking new operating system that comes to smartphones from Canonical (the maker of Ubuntu). Ubuntu is one of the most popular of Linux distributions out there, among desktop computers. Now the platform is coming to smartphone world with the release of Ubuntu smartphones.

Yesterday, as expected, the developer preview of the OS was made available, with the source code and details of installing it on your phone. The version currently available is known as Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview. And this is important—Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview is only for developers and Ubuntu enthusiasts who want to try it out in real. It is not for an average smartphone user who doesn’t have good working knowledge of mobile operating systems.

Supported Phones & Tablets

Currently, Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview is supported only on Google’s Nexus line of devices, specifically Galaxy Nexus (Samsung), Nexus 4 (LG), Nexus 7 (Asus), and Nexus 10 (Samsung).

In order to install Ubuntu on your Android device, follow the steps and guidelines given at Ubuntu Wiki. Also, if you need to get Android OS back into the phone, you should have the appropriate image handy. Images can be found here.

What Do You Get?

Ubuntu is pretty limited in smartphone interface. It doesn’t have the capabilities like Android, and also it doesn’t have many apps for you to work with. This Developer Preview is intended only for Ubuntu developers and hard-core Ubuntu enthusiasts. If you install the OS, you get the following:

  • OS shell and basic apps
  • Phone-specific functions—connection to the operator, SMS, networking, & Wi-Fi
  • Working camera app for the front-facing and main camera
  • Accessibility through Android Developer Bridge

Thanks to QBKing77, I was able to get this video:


Ubuntu is highly enthusiastic about their move to the smartphone world. Canonical’s founder Mark Shuttleworth was quite a bit excited to share the news with the world. We have got our hands on the first of Ubuntu developer devices now, and we will soon see where the platform heads and how many apps it will gather. Competition is not easy now with BlackBerry 10 and upcoming Tizen.