Parts of the Upcoming Apple iPhone 5S: A Gallery

Popular tech blog BGR has recently shared with us the images of certain parts of the upcoming iPhone 5S, the next iterative (probably not!) update to iPhone.

Since that day in 2007 when iPhone got a cult following, people like us in the tech world have been watching Cupertino from every corner. This is the result. Thirsty geeks always get leaked images through some means. While we don’t know the origin of these images, we have asked BGR about it. Let me show you these images.

1. Speaker Bracket


iPhone 5s Speaker bracket


5s Speaker Bracket


2. Wi-Fi Flex Cable Ribbon


iPhone 5S Wi-Fi Flex cable ribbon


3. iPhone 5S Vibration Motor


5s vibration motor


4. Sim trays


iphone 5S sim tray 1


iphone 5S sim tray 2


iphone 5S sim tray 3


In another recent development, iDownloadBlog shared what is supposed to be iPhone 5S assembly line images. Here they are.

Apple iPhone 5S in factory


iPhone 5S in factory


assembly line of iPhone 5S


assembly line images of iPhone 5S


Over the last few days, there have been quite a number of rumors regarding this upcoming smartphone. How great iPhone 5S will be, only time will tell. Since iPhone 5’s Maps debacle, the then chief of design, Scott Forstall had to resign from Apple. He used to be the head of development in iOS and close to the former chief, Steve Jobs. After his departure, the hardware design chief of Apple, Sir Jony Ive has been given reins of the software design as well.

Since Apple iPhone, the original, its design has been inspiring people all over the world. All those designs, also those of the iPad, iMac, iPod, and all other iDevices, came from Ive. Since he is heading iOS design also now, we will not only get to see a revamp in the hardware, but also in the software. iOS has long been regarded as stale and uninspiring after Android OEMs like HTC and Samsung have developed their own skinned OSes.

In Conclusion


We cannot expect to see the next iPhone any time soon, as it requires a lot of design and development in software side as well. Those assembly line images that cropped up may or may not belong to 5S. The World Wide Developers Conference of Apple (WWDC) is slated to start on June 10th. This is one event we need to look forward to. Also, in the WSJ All Things Digital’s D11 conference that kicked off yesterday, Apple CEO Tim Cook shared some information about the upcoming plans.

We will get to know only when the device comes to the market.

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