How It Works: Transparent Smartphones

Technology team, Mobile Geeks traveled to Taiwan this month and they had the first look at the world’s first transparent smartphone. I was looking through their review here, yesterday. Take a look at the video here:

As you can see the phone is still a prototype without any specific software on it. Also, the display doesn’t light up quite as visibly as other phones.

The maker of this particular device is Taiwan-based Polytron, about which we in the technology industry haven’t heard a lot. The company makes quite a number of electronic and optical vision glass products and one of them is trademarked Polyvision. This is a type of glass product that becomes transparent on electrification. See here:

Polyvision glass


Here’s how it works. When there is no electricity passing through the glass, the LCD molecules are aligned randomly causing the light to get scattered away, and the glass becomes opaque in a dull white color.

Polyvision opaque when not electrified


On the other hand, when there is electricity passing through the glass, the glass molecules get aligned properly and thus create a proper way for the light to pass through, ergo the glass becomes transparent.

Polyvision transparent when electrified


Polyvision is one of the players of this particular industry and it is not developed mainly for smartphones, but for home use, such as bathroom and shower curtains, optical shutter for bedroom, security windows, etc. When it comes to the world of smartphones, it is pretty innovative indeed. We will wait and see how the technology progresses.

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