How-To: Show Full Website on Your Android Phone’s Browser

When you open a website on your PC, you generally get the full website with all the images, videos, sidebar widgets, and others. On the other hand, on your smartphone, most probably you see only the post titles and excerpts, just the basic text content.

This is probably so even if you are using a sophisticated smartphone like iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3. You may want to see the full website on your smartphone simply because it can show the full website, sometimes at a faster speed than your PC. Here’s how you do it on your Android phone.

Hack on Webkit

Most of the Android phones use the built-in browser which is based on WebKit engine. If your smartphone has the default WebKit Androiid browser, here’s how you can display the full website on it.

1. Go to the browser address bar and type ‘about:debug’ and tap ‘Go’.

about:debug on android browser

2. You will see various debug settings over here, and the one we need to display desktop websites on mobile browser is the user agent string (UAString).

about debug options

3. Tap on the UAString option and select ‘Desktop’ in order to get the full website on all page loads.

user agent string on browser


Use Another Browser

In order to display the desktop website on your phone, you can also use an alternative browser. Some of them are Chrome, Firefox, and Dolphin browser.

Dolphin browser is the best of all Android browsers with nearly fifty million downloads. In fact, it is more highly recommended than Firefox and Chrome, which are I guess the obvious choices. Dolphin is feature-rich.

In order to get the desktop version of the website on your phone, you need to install an add-on on the Dolphin browser. This add-on is known as Dolphin Desktop Toggle, available in Google Play.

Dolphin desktop toggles

Simply activate the add-on and you will switch to the desktop version of the website instantly.

Dolphin showing desktop version



Some of the users are still using the old low-end smartphones with small screens and display resolutions. For them, it is always better to view the mobile-friendly version of a website itself. However, for the majority of high-end smartphone users, these tips are useful in getting the full desktop website on their handsets.

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