How to get more Followers on Tumblr

Tumblr is a free microblogging and social networking website, which was founded by David Karp in February 2007 and bought by Yahoo in 2013. It is considered that Tumblr claims about 108.4 million blogs and 50.9 billion posts over it. No doubt Tumblr is a blogging wonder and people enjoy using it because it provides mystical fun.

Tumblr is like another social network website such as Twitter that permits you to build yourself as a brand. Users can share and post content such as text posts, videos, photographs, and GIFs directly with their followers. There are options of sharing indirect posts with other users through tagging. In Twitter words are your brand, on the other hand Tumblr emphasizes on content in a similar fashion as used in Pinterest. Visual approach gives more enticing feel to the words that are talking about. We are sharing some tips regarding getting followers as huge number of people are concerned about increase the followers.

Tricks of Getting More Tumblr Followers

Tumblr is one of the most valuable social media website to be in touch with like-minded people, traits, customers and fan following communities. But at the same time, Tumblr is one of the most difficult social media nut to crack in. One question arises in user’s mind like Twitter and Facebook that How to Get More Followers on Tumblr? There are few tricks that are useful for gaining followers on Tumblr. The suggested recipe of success remains the same for all Tumblrs is same whether you are a writer or artist, follower or creator:

Use Tumblrplug

The starters can use the website named Tumblrplug. It helps in gaining lots of followers. Lots of bloggers follow you back if they like your posts. But some people don’t recommend using websites like Tumblrplug and tumblrtrain because you will not sure whether followers will re-blog or like your post. You are sure about real or fake followers on these websites.

Messaging Followers

Be friendly with your followers who like to and read your content and posts. Message them frequently on Tumblr. Talk to your followers on a personal level and re-blog one another’s posts. Ask them to check your blogs which they like. Recommend them to others and humbly ask the same favor for you.It’s good gesture and will make Tumblr feel more like a home.

Make Follow Back Post

Follow the followers who have over thousand followers and ask them to follow back. Send them message to check your post, they will appreciate that. If they check your posts or contents, then their followers can check their trends watching. It will be you high time to get more new followers. You can make a post like Follow Me, Follow Back or Follow4Follow and tag these posts as well. People begin to look for your posts and blogs by searching the tags.

There are also promotional websites out there such as infinite followers gather followers. They work on credit. You need to get a credit in order to become featured. You can gather credit by following other blogs, promoted on their websites or maybe even checking out their blogs. You usually gain twice the amount of credit by following featured blogs. People can become featured by paying real money to these websites, but we don’t recommend you this thing as it’s just a waste of money.

Successful Tumblr Post

The secret recipe of successful Tumblr post is 60% content and 40% posting timings. Don’t just merely post anytime. It requires proper planning and timing too. Make consideration about your followers’ demographics when they will be up and online and look at their dashboards. Post between 5pm to 1am where many Tumblr users are active online. If you’re business is Roofing Austin, then you will want to post things that will appeal to homeowners.

Make Promo Games

A really good idea is to host your promo games.  For instance you can say first five people will re-blog this post and get a promo for me. If you don’t have lots of followers then it is unlikely that you’ll get many notes.  More followers brings more followers and notes. There are other variety of promo games like picnic games and Tumblr awards that you can use for getting more followers.

Join Promotion Groups

You can join promotion groups and meet amazing people there. Submit your original contents on these popular group blogs. It is like free advertisement on their blog which makes it like a billboard. You can do promos for gaining lots of followers. Be active on groups daily or often in a week.

Focus on Quality Blogging

Within a year, you can get enough followers, but maintaining their interest and loyalty requires proper planning and quality stuff. Various blogs reveal different messages, aesthetics and motives. Properly proofread your posts and blogs before uploading. Make sure not to have grammatical errors and hyperlinks are not broken. Load images properly so people can see it. The quality of your content must stand high from others’ content.

Use Themes

Themes keep things organized. People can have the sense of reliability on your posts through specific theme. You will post the same thing that matches with your theme. Most people follow you because they have same interests. They know you will post the same thing all the time and they can use your picture to re-blog them or get ideas for their blogs. So, themes are pretty important if you want to get a lot of followers.

Last words

Increasing followers and fans for the maximum digital reach is very beneficial.  There are various techniques that we have discussed in details. These techniques are hundred percent good techniques but still little fine improvement in tuning daily and engaging in the real world is required. More followers mean more traffic for your posts and quotes. There are high chances for you to become the popular and famous trend on Tumblr to follow if you go behind these tricks. The time is to take a step towards what you want to achieve.

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