How to Send Email in Your Own Language Script Through Gmail?

Have you ever had trouble sending an email to a distant relative who speaks a different language altogether? It has never been easy on email applications to send messages in other languages. Google’s popular email service, Gmail has come up with transliteration tools and other language input tools to make the service much better. You can type using Gmail interface in any language that you want.

First of all, you need to select the languages that you want to use in composer. For this, go to Gmail settings and you will see the ‘Language’ option under General. Here, go to advanced language options and put a check mark to ‘Enable input tools’.

input method selector for gmail


Here, you can transliterate (type in English the words in other languages to have them appear in correct script), use a virtual keyboard, or edit your input method with the help of a regular keyboard to convert words into other alphabet. Transliteration feature was available although limited in Gmail. Select the input tools from the list by double-clicking it (virtual keyboards are represented by a tiny keyboard icon).

After this has been enabled, save the settings.

Now open up the composer in your Gmail interface, and type words in the language that you wish to use. On the top right-hand corner you will see the input method selection. If the icon is depressed, it means the input method is selected. Just select the language you want and compose the email.

gmail composer


transliteration in gmail


The input method selector works better with a fast internet connection. Otherwise, it is better to go with regular email as the Google transliteration works through the server and takes time on slow connections.

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