Getting the most out of advertising with Facebook

Let’s face it, whether you accept and embrace the fact or not, social media is making a larger impact on our world every day. It’s more than just posting selfies and liking photos and statements of friends, it is now a common way of increasing business and expanding your name and product.


Facebook is by far one of the most popular social media platforms and offers more potential and options concerning advertising than you may realize. Facebook is no longer just something the kids are doing.


page-post-engagementThe Director of Search and Social with DealerOn, Greg Gifford, recently gave a presentation to help inform and educate those in attendance at Brighton SEO. During the presentation, Gifford gave a descriptive evaluation of the options Facebook has to offer when it comes to advertising and how they can be used to increase business.


During the presentation, Greg discussed how Facebook was once known as “the drunk guy who showed up late to the party and annoyed everyone.” Things have changed as Facebook is now considered “the cool mofo that everyone wants to party with in social advertising.”


This happened by Facebook using its popularity to develop an advertising platform that is both cost-effective and productive. Due to the fact that almost everyone has Facebook on their mobile device and uses the app in order to pass time and stay in touch, it simply makes sense to have your brand advertised and available through the platform. We will start with the basics and work our way through the available types of advertising made possible through Facebook.


Page Post Engagement


This is one of the most popular types of ads on Facebook. This will help increase the reach of your content while working with both published and unpublished posts.


Page Likes


This is another option that is popular with Facebookers. However, the popularity of this option is not always demonstrated by its success. If proper engagement and targeting methods are not being used, money may end up being wasted by building an audience that isn’t focused on your purpose or goal. Before investing too much in this type of advertising campaign, make you are being as productive as possible with your comments and the likes and shares of the page.


Clicks to website


If one of your main goals is increasing the traffic that visits your website, this can be a productive type of advertising. It is also a great way to drive your audience to a specific landing page or begin promoting a certain campaign.


Website conversions


conversion-optimizationThis option requires the installation of a tracking pixel to the site in order to determine the number of your sites visitors that ended up making a purchase as a direct result of a Facebook ad. This option is a great way to generate both leads and e-commerce.


App installs


This is a great option and opportunity for any brand looking to promote an application. It can lead users directly to their app store, making the ad both effective and productive.


App engagement


This will allow you to take the promotion of an app to the next level.. You can use app engagement in order to connect with users who already own the app, in effort to increase the engagement of app users.


Offer claims


Once you have made an offer available through your facebook page, this type of ad will give you the ability to drive more users to your Facebook page, giving you an opportunity to increase the number of participants.


Video Views


Video is now a dominating trend with Facebook users which makes this option both attractive and popular. This type of ad will assist video producers to promote the content they have created directly to the audience that is most relevant to the video.


Local Awareness

By using a set location to advertise on mobile devices, you can build the local awareness of your brand and can help a local business become more successful than local competitors. This is a great way to build the name of your business in the community you are in and can lead to not only new visitors but also repeat customers.

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