Five of The Best Android Security Apps

Do you have an Android smartphone? Within the Google Play store, you can and should get a very good security app. The app should have the following features—antivirus, antimalware, antispyware, internet security component, and optionally an anti-theft component. The internet security apps may cost you some money, but they are well worth it. Here, we have a list of apps that you can try. You should also check out our article about worst security apps in Android that you should avoid.

5. McAfee Antivirus and Security


McAfee mobile security


As you know McAfee is one of the premier providers of virus protection among PCs and laptops, it is quite safe to assume the quality of the product. Within AV-Test antivirus tests conducted a few months ago, McAfee was one of the apps that have passed all of the antivirus tests.

I can hear people raising complaints about its slightly uninspiring interface though. However, you should understand that it is a highly effective virus killer. Also, McAfee does provide an app called WaveSecure that adds an anti-theft component to your phone.

4. Kaspersky Mobile Security


Kaspersky mobile security


We have two versions available of Kaspersky Mobile Security—Lite and the full version. If you have a tablet, there is also Kaspersky Tablet Security application. It is a complete application suite to protect against viruses, malware, etc., including web protection and anti-theft feature. Kaspersky has high reputation on the desktop computer market as well.

With amazing results at the antivirus tests conducted, we believe it rightfully earned the fourth position in this list.

3. Dr.Web Anti-virus


Dr. Web antivirus


Dr.Web’s Anti-virus Light (no, it’s not Lite) app is just an antivirus. It does have a paid option that gives you complete protection with anti-theft and internet security features. In antivirus tests, we have found this suite to be highly effective. The antivirus’s anti-theft feature is available only on Android platform and not other mobile operating systems.

2. Lookout Mobile Security


Lookout mobile security


By far, this is the second best solution within Google Play store to secure your smartphone and tablet. This app has all the components necessary built in. It is also highly rated by the users. Within AV-Test results, Lookout has performed extremely well.

1. Avast! Mobile Security


Avast free mobile security


By far, Avast! provides the best antivirus and internet security option for Android. Within our report of anti-theft apps also Avast! had its place. It is pretty much a complete security suite you can get to protect your smartphone.



Those were the important security apps in the current market. You have to pay for the full version of these apps, but it is well worth it. If you read our previous article about mobile security, you will understand the need for these apps, even though Linux (Android is based on Linux) is an extremely secure platform.

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