9 ways to Optimize Memory Storage in iPhone

In this article, I am going to share about nine ways to Optimize Memory Storage in iPhone. In today’s modern world usage of Smartphone is drastically increased in short span of time. There are many mobile OS is there. In that Android & iOS ruling the smartphone market, but Android comes out with different manufacturers, and it has different storage options. Also, some of the Android devices have external SD card option.

When compared to iOS storage with Android, iOS has little storage option, that too it doesn’t have any external SD card option. iPhone comes with 16,32,64,128 GB storage options with different price. But most of the peoples interested in 16 & 32 GB devices. In that memory will be quickly filled, so whenever we are prompting to install the new app, it shows like memory insufficient to mount.

Before proceeding the steps check your memory storage in your iPhone. To test the storage navigate Settings -> General -> Storage & iCloud Usage and note it the available storage before proceeding the following steps. Compare the available storage before & after proceeding below steps. Surely you will get some good amount of memory to your iPhone by this article. Let’s see the nine ways to Optimize Memory Storage in iPhone.

Remove unwanted Application

Peoples are interesting to install & use new applications & games. But it occupies much space from memory Removing unwanted application in the iDevices can bring some good space to use. Removing the application will bring min 50 MB of the memory, which will change based on the app. Tap on the app to uninstall the app.

Delete Videos

By the interest in watching HD videos & Movies, I was storing the lot of HD videos and Movies to enjoy when I was in travel. HD videos & movies can occupy more memory than any other. Deleting the watched Videos& Movies can bring an enormous amount of memory.

Optimize WhatsApp Data

WhatsApp is one of the popular messengers with more than billions of users. Nowadays peoples are sending funny videos & music’s in WhatsApp. Videos, Music’s & images in WhatsApp can occupy more memory. By removing the data in WhatsApp can bring the huge amount of memory to a smartphone.

Backup the Camera Roll

Memories are key of happiness in the life. Capturing the Photos & Videos can bring out the memory in future. Backing up your camera roll such as Photos & Videos into your hard disk or PC can produce the huge amount of memory. Remove the pictures & videos from iPhone after backing up.

Remove Finished Games

If you interested on playing games on iPhone, try to remove the games which you finished. Games occupy more memory than the normal application. If you remove the unwanted games, you can use more memory to use.

Delete eBooks

The smartphone can give the option to read the eBooks efficiently. I am always preferred adobe reader in my iPhone to study my college notes & books. When I keep on saving the eBooks in iPhone, which will occupy more memory. It’s important to back up the eBooks in PC & need to delete unwanted eBooks from iPhone can bring some valid memory to iPhone.

Clear Browser Cache

I am the tech interested person, keep on eye on the tech news & tech updates. I was using Safari browser to browse. There are many browsers there in iPhone, but default Safari browser is best than other. Whenever you were browsing browser will store some piece of cache in your smartphone for next use. It will occupy a huge amount of memory from the iPhone. By clearing the cache in the browser will bring some memory to iPhone. To clear browser cache navigate Settings -> Browse Safari -> Clear History & Data.

Delete Messages

Messages don’t store huge amount of data. But when it comes with iMessages we can send images so it may occupy large memory. By deleting the messages in the iPhone can bring out some amount of free space on the iPhone.

Delete Voicemail Messages

iPhone voicemail can occupy a huge amount of data when you were making or receiving the voicemail. If you remove the voicemail messages, you can drive some free space in iPhone.
I hope this article will be helpful to drive some free space in your iPhone. If you find any difficulties feel free to comment below. If it is helpful do sharing in Social Media.

Top 10 Best Android Apps for Students in 2017

In this article, we will reveal our top picks for the best android apps for students. Nowadays, smartphones are essential things for students & most of the peoples. Among those smartphone’s android is the most popular operating system working around 70% of the mobile devices. Android rolling out awesome futures in their latest versions, this is the reason why android has more popularity among the multiple users. Unlike iOS, android was used by most of the mobile manufacturing companies. Because android is a free and an open source. A large number of students globally are the target for mobile manufacturers. There are many apps available which will help students in the studies & real life. Here I will share some of the Best Android Apps for Students.

1. Evernote

Evernote is one of the greatest Note taking app for Android. It has great built in features that will help every students to taking notes. It’s powerful, it’s free to use, and it’s compatible with literally any computer so you can easily transfer information easily. It’s available on multiple platforms, usable in Web browser and mobile apps, comes with Web browser plugins/ add-ons, and it’s all free. Surely Evernote will be one of the best android apps for students.

Advantages of Evernote

  • Write notes, checklists, and research
  • Organize web articles, docs, and photos
  • Discuss your work with others, right within the app

Download Evernote

2. Camscanner

Camscanner one of the greatest scanner app for Android. It has more features with regular updates. Using this, you can scan various documents (lecture notes, registration forms, study guides, homework) and save them to your device for later use. Also it has the feature of converting image to text with efficient manner. Camscanner available for all the platforms with regular updates.

Advantages of Camscanner

  • Mobile Scanner
  • Optimize Scan Quality
  • Quick Search
  • Extract Texts from Image
  • Share PDF/JPEG Files
  • Print & Fax
  • Collaboration
  • Advanced Editing
  • Secure Important Docs
  • Sync across Platforms

Download Camscanner

3. Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage and office suite tool that gives you all kinds of stuff. Google Drive has provided 15 GB free space which helpful to store all the notes and study documents on cloud & can accessible whenever we want. Google Drive also built-in support for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides on both the web and your smartphone. If you want more storage it’s possible to get more storage from google for paid. We can login with Google drive with Gmail ID.

Download Google Drive

4. LectureNotes

LectureNotes is an Android app for note-taking by handwriting on the screen, in particular with a stylus. It packs a lot of features into the mix and is regarded as the best handwriting, note-taking apps available. It’s the best app for the mobile & tablet with stylus to taking notes efficiently. However, it’s useful for a lecturer who is using it for preparing her/his lecture or even for actual teaching or a student who is using it for taking handwritten notes during a lecture.

Download Lecture Notes

5. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the free encyclopedia containing more than 32 million articles in 280 languages, and is the most useful application for students who working on projects. Wikipedia officially unveils their Wikipedia app for Android, which we can get it for free. Students can search the topics from here and get the better knowledge on that. Even lectures are getting the additional knowledge with the Wikipedia. Surely It holds the best place in students Smartphone who working on projects or willing to learn new things.

Download Wikipedia

6. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is a very powerful application and it’s capable of answering questions even Google might have problems with sometimes. Using the app you can look up a wide range of academic knowledge, including statistics, math, physics, astronomy, engineering, Earth science, and many other topics. . Wolfram alpha uses its vast collection of algorithms and data to compute answers and generate reports. Even it will helpful to solve the maths derivation. Unfortunately it’s not available for free version. But it’s a life saver and $2.99 you won’t regret spending, surely money makes good effort for this.

Download Wolfram Alpha

7. Udemy & Coursera

Udemy & Coursera is the best online course site, which providing best courses in online with experienced professors. With this we can get the certificate after finishing the course. Those certificates are really helpful to getting job. There are both free & paid courses are available on different topics & different domains. If you want to get additional knowledge other than the academic you can surely go for it. They have experienced lecturers and they will conduct a test in online.

Download Udemy

Download Coursera

8. TodoList

There are dozens of todo list apps, but Todoist is arguably one of the best, and it’s one of few that does project/ subprojects and tasks/ subtasks well. Use it track your course assignments, set reminders, bookmarking Web pages you visit and more. Combine the Mobile app with a Web browser plugin for optimum use. There is also a desktop application so you can sync your tasks between platforms. It’s simple, effective, and it works.

Download TodoList

9. Andie Graph

Andie Graph and this is one seriously underrated calculator app. Using this, your graphing calculator, and these instructions, you can have a completely functional graphing calculator on your phone or tablet to take with you anywhere. For all the students, especially for them that deals with calculations in their daily routine this app is very helpful.

Download Andie Graph

10. Youtube

It’s true that we use YouTube predominately for listening to music, watching people do stupid things, and looking up reviews on stuff. However, underneath the entertainment is a wealth of knowledge. There are literally hundreds of thousands of videos that show you how to do various things, how to solve various problems, what things are, how they work, what they do, and all kinds of other knowledge. There are more tutorials for students which will help the students to get more knowledge on their domain. If a person uses Youtube to gain a knowledge surely it sounds well for him, it has many solutions for a problem.

Download Youtube

I hope this article will be helpful for all the peoples, especially for the students. If you find any android apps which will helpful for students, please make a comment. Then we will update it. If this post is useful do share with your friends.

Technologies on Smartphones That You Should Look For


Near Field Communication has always been regarded as a cutting edge technology. You can’t throw a stone now without hitting an Android device with NFC technology. It is a secure way that devices can connect by simply bringing them together. Right now, NFC has yet to find applications in the current smartphone market. The technology is not new, although it has yet to have any big applications. However, NFC has its importance. It simply has to be present in your smartphone if you are buying it for the long run.

2. Appropriately Large Screen

You don’t need an ultra-large screen such as the one with Galaxy Mega. You don’t even need a 5.5 inch screen as in Optimus G Pro. All you need is a 5 inch screen that fits well in your pocket, such as the one Galaxy S4 has. Anything between 4.5 and 5.2 inches is perfect for a smartphone. Anything above that goes into the phablet family and should be considered a different kind of device.

If you are buying a phablet, be prepared to use it with a little bit of difficulty than a regular smartphone. Due to this reason, Asus’s PadFone and FonePad are not quite there with the customers. For a perfect combination of devices, you could have a regular smartphone, 5 inches; a tablet, 8-10 inches; and optionally a small tablet, 7 inches. A phablet is neither there nor here, and it is difficult to get by.

As we talk about large screens, so should we about smaller screens. iPhone’s 4 inch screen and BlackBerry Z10‘s 4.2 inch screen are not quite there in terms of user experience. I am not saying they are bad. They are not as perfect as HTC One‘s or Galaxy S4‘s. For such smaller screens, a smaller price is appropriate, but that is apparently not going to happen.

3. Battery That Lasts

Right now, LG G2 comes with a 3000 mAh battery that can last days even with that huge screen.


Apple iPhone 5S’s battery is only around 1500 mAh, and it is nothing compared to those on the Android devices we have. The battery is not going to give more than a day of usage, and it is just inconvenient to have such a puny battery, even with a device as light and thin as iPhone.

Apple could make iPhone a little heavier by including a larger battery and still it would be one of the thinnest and lightest smartphones out there. They obviously chose not to do that. In your upcoming phone, look for a large battery that can give you more than enough backup.

4. Fingerprint Scanner

As Apple has pioneered this, fingerprint sensors should be available on all other devices in the very near future. That is the trend. It is one thing that anyone could admire about iPhone 5S. The fingerprint scanner allows perfect security, and it is also appropriately placed for the most ergonomic use.

5. Optical Image Stabilization

This is something great on your smartphone cameras. As of now, only a few devices come with it, including HTC One, Lumia 920. Other phones, such as the iPhone provide a technology to stabilize the images, but that is not built into the camera hardware itself, and hence it is not that perfect. If you are looking for a perfect anti-shake smartphone camera, OIS is worth waiting for.

Also, if you are not quite looking for front-facing camera quality, start looking. Here is the table containing the best front-facing camera smartphones.

front-facing cameras on smartphones


6. Large Pixel Cameras

Once we spoke about the camera technologies, where we mentioned the race for megapixel count has ended for good. Right now, Apple has also acknowledged the fact that the larger pixels, not the larger number of pixels create better images. HTC One was the first ever phone to revolutionize the large pixel size through its HTC One. One has a pixel size of nearly 2 microns each, called UltraPixels. With only 4 UltraPixels, HTC One camera gives us better images than the 8 MP cameras most other phones have.

With iPhone 5S, Apple has also gone with slightly larger pixels of 1.5 microns. That size is still not quite effective though. We want really large pixels. One of the upcoming phones that will have this is HTC One Max which will sport 5 UltraPixel camera.


If you are looking for amazing smartphones, there are a number of things that you need to have on them. A few technologies were discussed in our previous article here. Some of them are discussed here as well. Unless you are getting a perfect smartphone, there is no point in spending too much money.

[Image: Time]

Why Apple iPhone Business May Die Soon?

You may have read the previous post in which I mentioned what Apple as a company must do. They should have done a number of things with the iPhone to refresh the product line. However, they have released an iterative, slightly modified iPhone 5 with iPhone 5S.

It has virtually no improvement to speak about. You will have no idea how Apple is stealing your money with a substandard device, simply by looking at the new iPhone website or the presentation below.

Already you may be seeing a lot of criticism directed at Apple for being stupid about this product. Steve Jobs wouldn’t have liked this.

We have the technical specifications of iPhone 5S here, compared to iPhone 5.

Feature iPhone 5S iPhone 5C iPhone 5
Display LED IPS capacitive touch; 4 inches LED IPS capacitive touch; 4 inches LED IPS capacitive touch; 4 inches
Resolution 640×1136 (16:9); 326 ppi 640×1136 (16:9); 326 ppi 640×1136 (16:9); 326 ppi
Protection Corning Gorilla Glass Corning Gorilla Glass Corning Gorilla Glass
Storage 16/32/64 GB 16/32 GB 16/32/64 GB
Memory TBA although expected is 1 GB 1 GB 1 GB
Card slot NO NO NO
Camera 8 MP; 1.5 µm pixel size; dual LED flash for true tone 8 MP; 1.4 µm pixel size 8 MP; 1.4 µm pixel size
Video shooting 1080p HD @ 30 fps 1080p HD @ 30 fps 1080p HD @ 30 fps
Operating System iOS 7 iOS 7 iOS 6 upgradable to iOS 7
Battery 1570 mAh Li-Po 1510 mAh Li-Po 1440 mAh Li-Po
SoC Apple A7 dual core 64 bit
Apple M7 motion co-processor
Apple A6 dual core 32 bit Apple A6 dual core 32 bit
Processing power 1.7 GHz 1.3 GHz 1.3 GHz
Dimensions Height 123.8 mm Height 124.4 mm Height 123.8 mm
Width 58.6 mm Width 59.2 mm Width 58.6 mm
Depth 7.6 mm Depth 9 mm Depth 7.6 mm
Weight 112 g Weight 132 g Weight 112 g
Other features
  • Fingerprint scanner, known as touch ID
  • Siri
  • AirDrop
  • GPRS
  • EDGE
  • LTE
  • Nano-SIM
  • iCloud
  • Black/Slate, White/Silver, Gold color options
  • Siri
  • AirDrop
  • GPRS
  • EDGE
  • LTE
  • Nano-SIM
  • iCloud
  • Black/Slate, White/Silver, Gold color options
  • Siri
  • AirDrop
  • GPRS
  • EDGE
  • LTE
  • Nano-SIM
  • iCloud
  • Black/Slate, White/Silver, Gold color options

The prices of iPhone 5S and 5C are as follows.

5S: 16 GB version available for $199; 32 GB for $299; 64 GB for $399
5C: 16 GB for $99 and 32 GB for $199

Unlocked contract-free devices are priced thus:

5S: 16 GB at $649; 32 GB at $749; 64 GB at $849
5C: 16 GB at $549 and 32 GB at $649

I have never seen a bigger rip-off.

What’s In the iPhone?

The question that one should ask is this. Is iPhone the best smartphone out there that you can buy? The answer is No, it is not.

iPhone 5S in different colors

Apple iPhone used to be the best smartphone until iPhone 5 was released last year. After that, immediately enough, a number of Android devices and BlackBerry Z10 came up, and the most important and popular among them include Galaxy S4, HTC One, etc. These devices have great features and power and have managed easily to overshadow the iPhone. Since iPhone 4S, Apple has not done anything significant with the device, and it just is not the best device you can buy in the market today. It is still a great device if the price is appropriate. The current iPhone doesn’t have features to command a price over 400 dollars.

With contract, you can buy really great devices below 299 dollars, AT&T sells HTC One at only 199 dollars with 2 year contract. That phone can kick iPhone at the bottom any day. Also, there are a huge number of devices that you can check out in this page.

So, why is the iPhone costing as much? Simply because Apple has its ego and it cannot ever command a low price for its creations. In 2007, when Steve Jobs released the iPhone, it was the best smartphone you could buy in the world. It used to be that awesome on all subsequent versions and iterative updates, tagged ‘S’ for ‘Speed’—iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone4S, iPhone5, and now iPhone 5S. The tradition stopped at around the time when iPhone 5 was released with a small screen, processor, battery, etc., to compete with smartphones eons ahead of its time.

In 2012 and this year, we have seen such a great development with Android that iPhone can no longer stay strong without some significant innovation. New operating systems have emerged; Windows and BlackBerry still hold a very low percentage of the smartphone market. At this point, coming up with a substandard device is going to kill Apple’s credibility.

64 Bit, A Marketing Hype?

If you ask the straightforward question, whether 64 bit computing incorporated in iPhone 5S is a marketing hype or has some level of significance, the easy answer is it is just a marketing hype. It has absolutely no significance whatsoever, in the current market, that is.

Let me clarify.

Apple iPhone 5S is the first ever smartphone to introduce 64 bit computing. What about Android? Android OS, the current Jelly Bean and upcoming Kit Kat are still in 32 bit edition. You will not be seeing an Android 64 bit any time soon. Samsung has already announced an upcoming 64 bit smartphone right after Apple iPhone 5S launch.

What is 64 bit computing? In desktop computing, we started off with 8 bit systems, and then moved on to 16 bit, and then 32 bit, and now 64 bit with almost all desktop operating systems. In 2005, Microsoft upgraded the OS to 64 bit, and Apple changed the Mac OS X to 64 bit in 2009. This is an upgrade to the basic computing architecture in which the computing power can be enhanced significantly by incorporating more resources, such as RAM.

However, the catch is the applications running on the operating system should also be capable enough to take advantage of the architecture. In the current app market, and also in the foreseeable future, there is no way you will be inundated with 64-bit apps. You are going to take advantage of and use only 32 bit apps until developers have managed to create 64-bit versions.

Apple A7

In such a world, Apple’s A7 processor is not going to bring you any computing advantage. You will of course see a speed boost in loading your 32 bit regular apps because this A7 processor is 1.7 GHz dual core as compared to 1.3 GHz A6 on iPhone 5. However, the Android competitions, HTC One with Snapdragon 600, LG G2 with Snapdragon 800, Galaxy S4 with Exynos, will continue to overwhelm you in performance. There is no way Apple iPhone 5S is going to match the performance benchmarks of those devices.

Also, Android is soon going to upgrade to 64-bit computing in the very near future. In such a time, what Phil Schiller said about the architecture is mindless marketing gimmick at best.

Other Stuff

Apple has the other stuff on the iPhone, including the iPhone’s touch ID sensor. It is a clever implementation of fingerprint security. It is one feature that is worth bragging about. It makes the device be tied to your bioinformatics, making it ultra-secure. And they have implemented it perfectly too, by putting it right behind the home button at the bottom of the phone. This is something that we will get to see on upcoming Android devices.

Camera on iPhone 5S is another thing that they bragged about in the keynote, given below.

The camera in fact is not that advanced as compared to the shooters on any other device, such as HTC One or Galaxy S4. The camera uses the larger pixel concept revolutionized by HTC One. iPhone 5S camera uses 1.5 µm pixels, while iPhone 5 has pixels as large as 1.4 microns. HTC One is still the king in pixel size with nearly 2 micron pixels.

With other major features, including Optical Image Stabilization, HTC One’s camera is far superior than iPhone 5S’s. Also, it has to be mentioned that the best camera in the market today has 41 megapixels. It belongs to Nokia 1020. Other devices, Lumia 925, 920, etc., also have better cameras than the existing iPhone 5. iPhone 5S does not improve a lot on the camera side, although Apple makes you believe it does.

One thing that I have to mention is the dual LEDs on iPhone 5S camera that help in maintaining proper lighting on poorly lit scenes. It is a perfect improvement over iPhone 5 camera. It does indeed help in making the images better when the LED flash option is turned on.

iPhone 5S camera flash

Another improvement is the new processor supplement known as motion co-processor, M7. It is also a clever way iPhone 5S can measure and adapt to motion. This co-processor is a weak supplement to the A7 chip that measures just the motion data, from such sensors as the gyroscope, accelerometer, and compass. Since these sensors are controlled by M7, A7 is not engaged to rotate the display and measure the distance traveled when running. This helps you run fitness apps better on iPhone 5S.


Other than a few minor improvements, Apple has done nothing with iPhone to be able to command a large price tag. In essence, it is a substandard phone by today’s standards, and it deserves no attention from the consumers. This is a faltering step by the company, and if it doesn’t remedy immediately by bringing out an innovative device sooner, Apple’s iPhone business may soon be in jeopardy.

What Apple Really Needs to Do With iPhone 5S and 5C?

We have news that iPhone 5S and a possible mid-range version, iPhone 5C will be launched by the tenth of this month. There have been numerous rumors of these devices already. It’s Apple, and iPhone’s the most prestigious smartphone ever made; hence, there definitely will be rumors floating around year round. However, we know pretty well how Apple has been losing its market to competitors, Samsung, LG, and others in the last two or three years.

smartphone market share 2Q2013


In the tablet market, Apple still has its strong hold. iPad 4 and Mini are still at the top of tablet market, but the competition is growing strong as we speak. iPad Mini has not been impressive for us.

tablet market share Q2, 2013


In such a market, the most important and most prestigious product of Apple, iPhone has to come with some improvements in order to help the company stay on top of the competition. Let’s analyze.

iPhone 5S and 5C


Here’s what we have in news about these devices.

  • It’s possible that the devices will be released by 10th of this month.
  • It’s expected that there will be three variants of iPhone 5S, light golden color, graphite, and black.
  • The iPhone 5C will be coming with a plastic back with various colors.
  • Hardware specifications of iPhone 5S: dual-core CPU, quad-core GPU, 2GB RAM, IGZO screen (a Sharp technology that helps in power consumption), possible 12 MP camera, NFC and fingerprint scanners are also expected.
  • iPhone 5C will be a replacement for iPhone 5, and it will be priced low.
  • Both phones will come with iOS 7, the latest version of iOS.


What is IGZO technology that we are talking about? It’s a display technology, quite similar to others like AMOLED, TFT, etc. IGZO is expected to give quite a bit of power saving. Check it out here.

The image shows power saving of LCD vs. IGZO when displaying the same image.

IGZO power consumption


What Should Apple Do?


As you can see, the information that we already have doesn’t point to anything spectacular. Already, Android phones come with all kinds of technology. Samsung has given S4 that comes packed with features. HTC has One, which is amazing too. LG has G2 with super-packed features and a really fast processor, Snapdragon 800.

Android phones have revolutionized the mobile technology already, by driving the processing power to over 2 GHz, display sizes to over five and six inches, and lots and lots of technological innovations. Apple is still in 2010’s, which is kind of like saying ‘a person’s fashion is still in the seventies’.

Their best product that competes with Galaxy S4 and HTC One is iPhone 5, and its specifications are: 1.3 GHz CPU as opposed to 1.9 GHz of S4 and 2.26 GHz of LG G2; 8 MP camera as opposed to 12 MP and 13 MP ones found in the Android market; 1 GB RAM only; 4 inch screen as opposed to 5 inch, 5.2 inch, 6 inch, 6.3 inch etc., in Android market. iPhone 5 has a Retina display, whose allure is long gone; it is not even HD. iPhone’s battery is 1440 mAh only, while S4 has 2600 mAh battery and LG G2 has a whopping 3000 mAh battery, which is more than twice that of iPhone 5. iOS has a million apps and it still leads the app market, but Android is very close behind.

It does indeed seem that the Android phones best iPhone in every way possible. Still, Apple is hell-bent on insisting iPhone is the best smartphone out there. I say iPhone is the most productive still, due to the fact that it has so many apps, and so many gadget manufacturers make iPhone accessories and gadgets. The phone’s technology is still outdated and is in dire need for a definitive upgrade.

Upgrades Suggested


Apple has been slacking off in iPhone department for quite some time. They are overwhelmed by the developments happening in the Android world, but they are steadfast in not admitting that. Apple’s top management seems to have lost those innovative capabilities, and they are now struggling more than ever. You can actually see that in action when you watch any Apple top executive speaking.

I used to have utmost respect for Apple as a company, but now it really needs some kind of smart move for damage control. Here’s Apple’s stock performance since the time it has been adjudged as the highest valued company in the history of the world.

Apple stock, click to enlarge


Apple stock has fallen from its top of nearly 700 dollars by more than 200 dollars.

Let me suggest a few things that Apple do in order to continue as a highly profitable company.

  • First of all, Apple needs to innovate and become that company that first introduced iPhone in 2007. Come up with an innovative edition that is simply better than any other smartphone in the market. If Apple wants to be the company that makes the best device, it simply has to make the best device.
  • Display: Upgrade and come up with a larger, full HD IGZO panel that consumes less power.
  • Battery: We know iPhone is well optimized to last for a day of heavy usage with the battery it is coming with, but let’s say people need ‘a week’ of heavy usage. Optimize the battery for that.
  • Processing power: People need quad-core processing power, and Apple app store has apps that require better processing power and memory.
  • Support MicroSD
  • Give support for outside technologies and standards. One of the most important one is Near Field Communication (NFC).


  • Design and develop interfaces that supports data transfer between all other operating systems, through generic standards, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • If Apple is not willing to do any of these, reduce the price of the device, so that it is reasonable.

These are only some of the things that Apple can do to make the device better. The only thing that prevents Apple from coming up with a good product in this market is that their ego doesn’t allow them to incorporate technologies from other companies and organizations, even if those technologies are open source, easily licensable, and better than Apple’s own technologies.

Apple has had a stronghold for a long time, but the market has changed drastically now. Without innovative ideas, Apple’s future is doomed. BlackBerry once was very big in smartphone marketplace. It no longer is. It’s a lesson. General public aren’t stupid and they do not stick with a company that makes substandard products. If Apple’s trademark is innovation, they have to continue doing that. If it’s not happening, the company’s future will be at risk without question.



These are only a few things I mentioned about iPhone. There are other major things to discuss about other products—iPad, iPad Mini, etc. These products also need a drastic upgrade, not an iterative one. The time has long gone for iterative upgrades. Now, only significant product launches can help Apple.