9 ways to Optimize Memory Storage in iPhone

In this article, I am going to share about nine ways to Optimize Memory Storage in iPhone. In today’s modern world usage of Smartphone is drastically increased in short span of time. There are many mobile OS is there. In that Android & iOS ruling the smartphone market, but Android comes out with different manufacturers, and it has different storage options. Also, some of the Android devices have external SD card option.

When compared to iOS storage with Android, iOS has little storage option, that too it doesn’t have any external SD card option. iPhone comes with 16,32,64,128 GB storage options with different price. But most of the peoples interested in 16 & 32 GB devices. In that memory will be quickly filled, so whenever we are prompting to install the new app, it shows like memory insufficient to mount.

Before proceeding the steps check your memory storage in your iPhone. To test the storage navigate Settings -> General -> Storage & iCloud Usage and note it the available storage before proceeding the following steps. Compare the available storage before & after proceeding below steps. Surely you will get some good amount of memory to your iPhone by this article. Let’s see the nine ways to Optimize Memory Storage in iPhone.

Remove unwanted Application

Peoples are interesting to install & use new applications & games. But it occupies much space from memory Removing unwanted application in the iDevices can bring some good space to use. Removing the application will bring min 50 MB of the memory, which will change based on the app. Tap on the app to uninstall the app.

Delete Videos

By the interest in watching HD videos & Movies, I was storing the lot of HD videos and Movies to enjoy when I was in travel. HD videos & movies can occupy more memory than any other. Deleting the watched Videos& Movies can bring an enormous amount of memory.

Optimize WhatsApp Data

WhatsApp is one of the popular messengers with more than billions of users. Nowadays peoples are sending funny videos & music’s in WhatsApp. Videos, Music’s & images in WhatsApp can occupy more memory. By removing the data in WhatsApp can bring the huge amount of memory to a smartphone.

Backup the Camera Roll

Memories are key of happiness in the life. Capturing the Photos & Videos can bring out the memory in future. Backing up your camera roll such as Photos & Videos into your hard disk or PC can produce the huge amount of memory. Remove the pictures & videos from iPhone after backing up.

Remove Finished Games

If you interested on playing games on iPhone, try to remove the games which you finished. Games occupy more memory than the normal application. If you remove the unwanted games, you can use more memory to use.

Delete eBooks

The smartphone can give the option to read the eBooks efficiently. I am always preferred adobe reader in my iPhone to study my college notes & books. When I keep on saving the eBooks in iPhone, which will occupy more memory. It’s important to back up the eBooks in PC & need to delete unwanted eBooks from iPhone can bring some valid memory to iPhone.

Clear Browser Cache

I am the tech interested person, keep on eye on the tech news & tech updates. I was using Safari browser to browse. There are many browsers there in iPhone, but default Safari browser is best than other. Whenever you were browsing browser will store some piece of cache in your smartphone for next use. It will occupy a huge amount of memory from the iPhone. By clearing the cache in the browser will bring some memory to iPhone. To clear browser cache navigate Settings -> Browse Safari -> Clear History & Data.

Delete Messages

Messages don’t store huge amount of data. But when it comes with iMessages we can send images so it may occupy large memory. By deleting the messages in the iPhone can bring out some amount of free space on the iPhone.

Delete Voicemail Messages

iPhone voicemail can occupy a huge amount of data when you were making or receiving the voicemail. If you remove the voicemail messages, you can drive some free space in iPhone.
I hope this article will be helpful to drive some free space in your iPhone. If you find any difficulties feel free to comment below. If it is helpful do sharing in Social Media.

Antivirus and Internet Security Software for Apple Macintosh

Mac affected by virus

Are you a fan of Apple Macintosh computers? Do you run Mac OS X Lion or Mountain Lion? Are you planning on upgrading to Mavericks? You should be wondering about the viruses, malware, and Internet security on Apple Macintosh systems. It is appalling to know that there are many threads online talking about antivirus on Mac, and some so-called ‘experts’ say there is no need for an antivirus on Macintosh.

They couldn’t be more wrong. Although there are very few viruses affecting Mac in comparison to PC, there are. Viruses and malwares are increasing in the Mac domain as well, and Apple is getting concerned about them quite a bit. Hence, it is imperative that you install an antivirus and Internet security application on your Mac computer. Recently, NYTimes Bits posted about widespread virus attacks on Macintosh.

Here is an image showing the major malware and viruses on Mac.

virus and malware distribution on Mac


In this time, you very much need to get a very good antivirus and Internet security application for Macintosh. One of the best out there is Intego Mac Internet Security 2013 .

Intego has a number of products to protect from viruses, malware, and web-based attacks—Internet Security Suite (involving antivirus), Family Protector, and Virus protector for iPhone’s iOS, etc., are a few.

The application supports Macintosh systems, OS X 10.6 or later (Snow Leopard or later). Needs 1.5 GB of hard disk space and installs in French, German, Japanese, and Spanish besides English.

The application should be updated frequently over the Internet as well.

Mac Internet Security is also available as a free trial option.



The application provides protection against not only Mac viruses, but also Windows viruses, Trojans, Worms, hack tools, spyware, adware, keyloggers, and fake security applications.

Since it detects and prevents Windows viruses as well, it prevents your Mac from being a carrier of Windows viruses and thus infect other Windows computers that connect to it.

Other standard features of the application include scheduled scans, real time protection, frequent virus updates via the Internet, scanning options on file attachments on Mac mail, etc.

There is a special iOS edition of the antivirus, that can be installed to your iPhone or iPad to protect them from viruses and malware.

It can work exactly like an Internet Security suite on Windows and can scan all the installed programs on your Mac and find out any suspicious application behavior. This keeps a log of rogue applications, if any, and keeps monitoring all installed and new applications to make them work properly.



Intego has a number of personal and business security products priced very reasonably. If you have a Macintosh computer, you are fortunate that you won’t have too many viruses or malware. However, this is no consolation at all. Every day Mac is getting more and more popular, and hence virus coders and hackers are getting interested in the OS.

They have been successful in finding several security holes on the OS. Hence, it goes without saying that you should secure your Mac operating system with an antivirus.

An In-Depth Preview of Apple’s New iOS 7

I have been studying the new iOS 7 for a few days now, and it seems apt to make a post about it right now. It has been more than ten days since Apple introduced the latest edition of the legendary mobile OS in the World Wide Developer Conference. For such a long time, iPhone and iOS have been in need for a formidable software update. iOS 7 is that update.

For how long can Apple keep competing with a more streamlined open-source operating system like Android? While new mobile operating systems, such as Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10, were making an entrance, iOS stayed the same. While innovative user interfaces were being ported on top of Android by device manufacturers like HTC and Samsung, iOS stayed stale and strong. Time has finally come for it to stay stale no longer.

This is what motivated the operating system update.

The person who was in charge of iOS and the desktop operating systems in Apple was Scott Fortsall, who left Apple after the Maps fiasco. Lately, the hardware design chief, Sir Jony Ive has been heading the software design as well. Ive’s specific design concept, known as ‘flat design’, is quite different from Forstall’s. Here is the basic difference in view:

iOS 7 new version iOS 6 old version


Which one do you like better? Forstall’s 3D style icons or Ive’s flat design?

The background should not affect your judgment, though. The Ive design has a relatively dull background as you can see. Some of you may favor Ive’s flat design over Forstall’s. However, the important thing to note is that iOS 6’s design is old and has been around for nearly five years without noticeable changes. Due to that reason, the new flat design may seem to be a fresh and appealing change. On the other hand, a person more used to flat icon design would find iOS 6 better looking.

In whatever case, it’s not the design that matters, but the features available. Here’s a comparison of icons submitted by Flickr user ‘nielsboey’:

Icon set comparison of iOS versions


Take a survey—tell us which icon set you like…

Here are some of the innovative new features on iOS 7. Apple does indeed provide their own description of iOS 7 features, talking about how great, amazing, streamlined, and “simply complicated” the operating system is. But you should know that is all just a marketing gimmick. For the truth, read an independent review like ours here.

Control Center


Control Center


Shown here is the Control Center app of iOS 7. It is a collection of commonly accessed functions of the smartphone. Some functions, such as Airplane mode, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, screen brightness, music playback functions, AirDrop, AirPlay, and some apps like Calculator, flashlight, camera are available here.

The Control Center is accessible from the bottom by a swipe. It is quite a brilliant feature of iOS 7, and with its layered design, it is quite charming too.

Notification Center


The new notification center is much more simple and cool-looking than the one on iOS 6. It is at a swipe down from the top and can be accessed even from the lock screen of iPhone. The third screen below is the notification center coming down from the top on lock screen.

Notification Center


A new feature known as ‘Today’ gives immediate notifications of all the events planned for the day. Compared to the iOS 6’s dull, textured metallic gray background, the new Notification Center’s color scheme is an absolutely welcome change.



You can tap on your home button twice to bring up the new iOS multitasking option, in which you see the previews of open applications on a horizontal scroll view.

Multitasking windows


The apps can be closed by a vertical swipe, and you can tap into any app easily. This is not quite different from Android’s multitasking system.

Camera App Updates


The camera on iOS 7 has been revamped slightly. It now gives access to all the major camera functions as soon as you open the camera. Also, the redesign has removed the professional camera look that was there in the previous iOS. It may be a little bit disappointing to camera freaks, but this time the camera is much more accessible and easy to use.

iOS 7 camera app


The Photos App has also been quite a bit redesigned. Now, the iOS is capable of grouping your photos in various categories, called Collections, Moments, and Years. It is meant to make the browsing of pictures much easier. Also, with iCloud integration, sharing photos and videos will be easier.

iOS 7 photos app


The Browser


We all know Safari is not the best browser out there, but Apple has done some great job with this version. The flat design and simplicity has crept into the way that you will use the browser. It now shows much more content than before as the browser buttons and menu are hidden from view.

Apple Safari


The second image above, the new Tab View of Safari helps scroll through the open tabs easily.

Voice Recognition


As you well know Apple revolutionized the voice recognition in mobile world with the introduction of Siri with iPhone 4S. Later, Google Now, S Voice and such other voice recognition systems have managed to slightly overshadow Siri, and a famous Big Bang Theory episode did not help either.

Siri is now slightly revamped with additional voice options including male voices. Also, language options include English, French, and German right now. Siri has more functionality too, with searches on Bing, Wikipedia, and Twitter besides Google, and it can do small tasks like setting screen brightness.

iTunes Radio


iTunes Radio is Apple’s newest application. It is a streaming radio service available only in the US for the time being. The devices supported include iPhone, iPod, iPad, Macintosh, Apple TV, and regular Windows PC.

iTunes Radio app on iOS 7


iOS 7’s new music player is directly integrated to iTunes Radio. iTunes being the most popular music service in the world, iTunes Radio, Apple claims, will give access to the latest songs first (a way to steal customers from such other services like Spotify).

iTunes Radio is provided as an ad-supported version to customers, and with iTunes Match subscription (cloud music service), you can zap those ads.



Within iPhone, a wireless file sharing function was not available for such a long time. AirDrop rectifies this issue. With this new feature, you can transfer files to anyone in the vicinity via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It is pretty simple and the app is accessible from your Control Center.

AirDrop on iOS 7


The app helps share files with one or more people highly securely. The drawback still is that AirDrop is not available outside Apple’s range of products, and it requires an iCloud account.

Other Important Features


iOS soon will have a better integration to your car. Already most of the cars available out there are capable of integrating to your iPhone’s music functions through Bluetooth and USB. With iOS 7, Apple will enhance the integration of phone functions on your car (through what is known as “iOS in the Car”); calling, messaging, music playback, etc., should be available on your car’s dashboard through Siri of course.

iOS on Car integration


Find My iPhone has become more robust now. It requires your Apple ID and password for erasing the iPhone and reactivating it with other credentials.

The compatibility of iOS 7 is widespread, with iPad 2 and 4, iPhone 4 onwards, and iPod Touch 16 GB onwards supporting the new operating system.

The Design


So far, we have talked about the major features of iOS 7. It will be made available this fall. The operating system has gone through some of the important, game-changing updates. However, it needs to be seen whether the customers will find it attractive or not.

For instance, the incoming call screen on iOS 7 doesn’t seem to inspire as well as iOS 6’s.

incoming call screen on iOS 7


However, we think the design is one aspect that Apple has excelled in. The flat design strategy put forward by Jony Ive hasn’t gone without a bit of criticism. In our view, the new operating system looks excellent and futuristic. It has taken design cues from others, especially Microsoft’s Metro UI.

Freshness can be perceived all over the new user interface, and that is all that matters. Also, overall the iOS seems to be brilliantly simple to work with. A proper hardware upgrade is an important thing for the next version of iPhone. A regular, iterative update will no longer work.



Apple has done a wonderful job with this iOS update. It looks fresh and easy to get around to. Thin layered design also is elegant and futuristic. It is not known how much battery and resource savings can be expected from this OS, but it will all be revealed when it comes to the market by the end of the year.

[Update: ]

According to 9to5Mac, Apple is testing iOS 7 to use motion detection. This is something that Galaxy S4 has made possible. Apple is experimenting iOS 7 to work with your head movements towards left or right. The head movements can be tied to a number of options, such as returning to the previous menu or opening the Siri voice assistant.

Check out this video from 9to5Mac:

This can indeed prove to be beneficial for the next iPhone as it can at least compete with Samsung on a better level, we hope.

Apple Mac Pro With a Great New Cylindrical Design: What You Need to Know?

WWDC has seen some quite amazing achievements by Apple, and one of the most eye-candy is the new Mac Pro. Mac Pro is the desktop PC from Apple, running the new Mac OS X ‘Mavericks’ operating system, rival to Microsoft Windows. Let’s see what is new in this new Pro PC, which is, first of all, kind of different in looks. Check it out:

Perched on a cylindrical metal pole inside a glass cylinder as shown here is the new cylindrical Mac Pro. You can see the expansion ports—USB and Apple’s own Thunderbolt ports, Gigabit Ethernet port, HDMI, power port, etc.

How Is Mac Pro Different?


In terms of design, this is something that nobody has ever attempted. As Apple is pretty savvy in the design of its products, this Mac Pro also has a unique, industry-leading design. The entire PC is within a cylindrical column of 9.9 inches by 6.6 inches, which means, it is slightly taller than your iPad 4 and not even as wide. Quite a tiny form factor for an extremely powerful desktop computer, isn’t it?

Mac Pro along with iPad 4


The most important aspects of the new Mac Pro, the technical specifications, are not yet available as the computer will not be hitting the market until the later part of this year. However, we have quite a bit of information to make informed guesses about this product. Let’s go upon them.

Mac Pro has dual graphics cards and Intel Xeon E5 processor with 12 physical cores. As there is no E5 processor with 12 physical cores, we suppose there will be two six-core processors. While we do not know the exact model number of the processor, we know most of them are hyper-threaded, which means Mac Pro will probably have the multi-tasking capabilities of a 24-core processor.

The previous Mac Pro had 12 GB of RAM, but it is not known how much RAM this new one has. The graphics cards used will be AMD’s FirePro W9000, with up to 6 GB of graphics memory. FirePro is a specific AMD brand catering to workstation computers that are used for Computer Aided Design (CAD) and multimedia authoring. In the new Mac Pro, you will get two of these graphics cards having 6 GB of VRAM each, providing maximum amount of power.

FirePro graphics cards on Mac Pro

PCI Express

The new Mac Pro has its storage based on the PCI Express standard, which is the fastest available standard for flash storage drives. The expansion slots available in Mac Pro include six Thunderbolt 2 ports and four USB 3.0 ports.

Beyond all these, what powers the Mac Pro? Well, it is the latest edition of Mac OS X, codenamed ‘Mavericks’. This is the next big release of Mac OS X after Lion. With the new redesign of Apple OSes, including the iOS, we can quite a bit see a flat design all over Apple.

OS X Mavericks on screen


The Power Distribution


A computer derives its power through three important means, and a cutback on any of these aspects can create a performance bottleneck. These aspects are the processing power, physical memory (known as RAM), and the data transfer rate between various components in the PC.

For instance, you get a PC with an insanely fast processor, but if the RAM is not high enough or fast enough, then your PC will not perform any better than one with the same RAM and an ordinary processor. The same is the case with the bus speed, which is the data rate between various components in the PC—between RAM and processor, processor and hard disk, RAM and hard disk, etc.

How does Mac Pro improve on the power distribution? Well, Apple has upgraded all of these three aspects. Here is the information that the company shares with us:

Cores: 12; gives two times better floating point performance than the previous Mac Pro (speed of the processor).

RAM: Bandwidth is twice as much as the current Mac Pro at 60 GB/s.

Graphics: While the current Mac Pro gives 2.7 teraflops of power, the new one promises 7 teraflops (7×10^12 operations per second).

Storage: PCI express flash storage giving 1.25 GB/s

Expansion interface: Thunderbolt 2 ports giving up to 20 Gb/s (2.5 GB/s) and USB 3.0 ports giving up to 5 Gb/s (600 MB/s) speed.

The Expansion Slots


One of the major features of the Mac Pro is its expansion slots. These slots include six Thunderbolt 2 ports, which is an Apple-Intel technology for data transfer with external devices, such as storage devices, displays, cameras, etc. Thunderbolt 2 ports as mentioned earlier can help transfer data at a rate of 20 Gbps, which is the maximum among all interface technologies today. They can support up to four 4K displays too. If you read our article on 4K TVs, you would know these displays really need extreme bandwidth.

One disadvantage is that there are not many devices supporting Thunderbolt yet, and you have to get an adaptor to get it to work with other devices using USB or FireWire technologies. Those adaptors are expensive too. However, USB 3.0 ports are there on the Mac Pro that you can use. There are four USB 3.0 ports that give up to 5 Gbps bandwidth.

The Design


One of the uniqueness of this Mac Pro is its design, which unlike the previous ones, is cylindrical.

new Mac Pro


old Mac Pro


This is the first time that any PC maker has created a unique design for the chassis. Mac Pro’s internal structure is also quite efficient. It has a central unified thermal core that cools down the motherboard and both of the graphics cards. The heat generated in the central column is efficiently radiated upwards through the appropriately designed fan blades.

The motherboard and each of the graphics cards are immovably screwed on the frame around the heat sink. Due to this reason, it becomes quite difficult for customers to replace the graphics cards on this Mac Pro. It should not however be impossible.

All in All


Mac Pro has several other important features as well, such as the 802.11 ac Wireless, Gigabit Ethernet port, etc. Since we don’t know the exact specifications, we cannot make many assumptions. However, since Mac Pro and other Apple products are the only ones that come with such technologies as Thunderbolt, it should be one of the fastest OEM PCs to come to the market. Two major disadvantages that one could point out are the difficulty in upgrading and high prices of Thunderbolt adaptors.

One important thing remains to be seen as well. As soon as Apple comes up with its own unique device designs (thanks to Jony Ive), others follow suit. iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac Mini, MacBook, etc., all gave birth to similar-looking designs from competitors, and so we won’t have to wait long to see cylindrical PCs hitting the market from other companies as well. For the time being, check out these innovative PC case designs:

clean open PC case design


PC case resembling car engine


complex chassis design


PC case cone


Speaker PC case design


Android PC case


PC case design resembling a time bomb


Innovative PC case design

What Is Apple iPhone’s Price, and Why Is It Costly?

Apple iPhone 5
Don’t you find it difficult to digest that iPhone is priced at around 700 dollars, although to manufacture that device, Apple has to spend only around 250 dollars? Apple does put hefty prices for its devices in the market, so hefty that it is not accessible to a huge part of the population. Why would a company that already has a huge hoard of cash want more from its devices? Also, how is it that none of the retailers out there is unable to give you any discount on iPhone or iPad or any such Apple products?

First of all, there is something called MSRP, Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price, which is the price suggested by the manufacturer, based on the manufacturing cost, required profits, investor suggestions, etc. It is also known as RRP (Recommended Retail Price). It is also the price that you pay to get your iPhone from Apple’s website. Currently, iPhone 5’s MSRP is 649 dollars for 16 GB, 749 for 32 GB, and 849 for 64 GB models.

If you look through the carriers of iPhone, AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and Sprint, you will find that they also sell the phone at about the MSRP. Here are they.

iPhone Version 16 GB 32 GB 64 GB
Unlocked phone 649 USD 749 USD 849 USD
AT&T 199 USD 299 USD 399 USD
Sprint 99.99 USD 199 USD 299 USD
Verizon 199 USD 299 USD 399 USD


For unlocked iPhone, the best price you can get is from the Apple store itself, linked above. Subsidized iPhones come with two year or one year plans depending on the carrier. There is no discount given by any carrier for these devices. Hence, the choice of the carrier is all that matters when you buy iPhone.

Why is it that iPhone is priced so high and there are no discounts? Apple maintains a unique pricing policy, by which it makes sure that its devices are sold closer to the MSRP than not. Imagine the general situation, in which the manufacturer sells its device to the retailer at a discounted price. In such cases, the retailer can make money by selling the product at a discount, competing against other retailers. For instance, if iPhone is sold to all retailers for 300 dollars apiece, then Best Buy could sell it at 400 dollars, while Amazon at 450 dollars. It all comes down to who gives the better discount, for the customers to buy the product, doesn’t it?

Apple on the other hand, does not embrace this policy. It is due a major reason you can see. For one thing, Apple’s stores are extremely profitable around the world. Here is the NBC news story detailing how Apple stores make 5600 dollars per square foot. Apple runs the number one retailer outfit in the United States. Apple makes about 18 billion in sales through 400 stores worldwide. This does not compare to Wal-Mart’s 470 billion in sales, but that retailer behemoth is entirely different in that it sells all sorts of items.

an Apple Store


The point is, Apple doesn’t need anybody’s support to sell its products. It can make money on its own through its stores—kind of like Apple’s style of doing everything in-house. Due to this exact reason, Apple does not sell its products to the retailers for low prices, and hence the retailers cannot in turn sell the products to us for low prices, unless there is a contract for two years, of course.

Wal-Mart, although it gives customers great discounts, is widely regarded to be evil for financial growth. Manufacturers selling products through Wal-Mart are forced to reduce the prices so much that some of them are forced to go out of business. A huge number of Wal-Mart’s products are imported from other countries like China, thus causing some American businesses lose revenue and employment opportunities in the same niche. When the prices are reduced so much, and Wal-Mart has strong hold over the price and sales, the manufacturers are either forced to put prices that invalidate the whole idea of profitability, or are forced to outsource its manufacturing process to low-wage countries, thus causing unemployment in the US.

By embracing a strong pricing strategy, Apple is not letting this happen to itself.

Another aspect of buying iPhone cheap through the carrier is that you should think about how much you need to pay every month as set by the contract. I went into these top iPhone carriers and looked at the various plan details.

iPhone 5 Carrier Plan Pricing


Here are the findings:


AT&T iPhone 5

450 mins: 39.99 dollars per month
900 mins: 59.99 dollars per month
Unlimited: 69.99 dollars per month


AT&T price plan



Sprint iPhone 5

Unlimited: 109.99 USD pm; with a lot of options including roaming, domestic long distance, push-to-talk, etc.
450 min: 79.99 USD
900 min: 99.99 USD

Sprint talk plan



Verizon Wireless

Unlimited talk + various data packages (1GB-8GB): $ 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 (unlimited talk/txt + 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 6GB, 8GB)
Plus monthly line access fee of 40 dollars with any package.

Also, the carriers do provide various upgrade options based on your existing account details.

In Conclusion


Apple iPhone 5 is an expensive phone, but it still is the most productive device in the market. It has about 800,000 different apps, and most of them have gone through Apple’s strict quality guidelines. Besides them, there are a huge number of accessories that are made specifically for iPhone. You can find accessories from All4Cellular, Mobile Karma, cases from Case123, etc. Also, iPhone is one of the most secure smartphones available.

These are some of the reasons why Apple can still command the hefty price tag on the device. If you own an iPhone, or have opinions, please share with us through the comments.