BT Captures Huge 320-Gigapixel Panoramic Image of London City

Whoa! Look at that! That is a complete 360° panoramic image of the city of London. It just doesn’t end there. To get the amazing experience of looking at the city as a whole, just visit BTLondon. There you go!

The people behind this amazing 320-gigapixel photograph of London are from British Telecom and a largely less known company that takes panoramic images of major world cities, 360Cities. That company does have a number of images and virtual tours that you can check out. This panorama was created to celebrate the financial performance of BT.

320 Gigapixel is not simple or small. It is huge. Do you know the actual size of the images that you capture with your smartphone camera (8 MP or 13 MP)? Those images could easily be larger than the display of your desktop computer.

A 320 Gigapixel image, by our calculations, could be print on a sheet of 1885.62 inches in length and width, assuming a perfect square. That is a 157 feet long image. The panorama of London shows everything in the city pretty clearly.

Also one thing. This is a panorama, and panoramas are not perfect. This broken-in-the-middle Volkswagen was found in a street. You could spot quite a number of such abnormalities in the image.

broken Volkswagen

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