9 ways to Optimize Memory Storage in iPhone

In this article, I am going to share about nine ways to Optimize Memory Storage in iPhone. In today’s modern world usage of Smartphone is drastically increased in short span of time. There are many mobile OS is there. In that Android & iOS ruling the smartphone market, but Android comes out with different manufacturers, and it has different storage options. Also, some of the Android devices have external SD card option.

When compared to iOS storage with Android, iOS has little storage option, that too it doesn’t have any external SD card option. iPhone comes with 16,32,64,128 GB storage options with different price. But most of the peoples interested in 16 & 32 GB devices. In that memory will be quickly filled, so whenever we are prompting to install the new app, it shows like memory insufficient to mount.

Before proceeding the steps check your memory storage in your iPhone. To test the storage navigate Settings -> General -> Storage & iCloud Usage and note it the available storage before proceeding the following steps. Compare the available storage before & after proceeding below steps. Surely you will get some good amount of memory to your iPhone by this article. Let’s see the nine ways to Optimize Memory Storage in iPhone.

Remove unwanted Application

Peoples are interesting to install & use new applications & games. But it occupies much space from memory Removing unwanted application in the iDevices can bring some good space to use. Removing the application will bring min 50 MB of the memory, which will change based on the app. Tap on the app to uninstall the app.

Delete Videos

By the interest in watching HD videos & Movies, I was storing the lot of HD videos and Movies to enjoy when I was in travel. HD videos & movies can occupy more memory than any other. Deleting the watched Videos& Movies can bring an enormous amount of memory.

Optimize WhatsApp Data

WhatsApp is one of the popular messengers with more than billions of users. Nowadays peoples are sending funny videos & music’s in WhatsApp. Videos, Music’s & images in WhatsApp can occupy more memory. By removing the data in WhatsApp can bring the huge amount of memory to a smartphone.

Backup the Camera Roll

Memories are key of happiness in the life. Capturing the Photos & Videos can bring out the memory in future. Backing up your camera roll such as Photos & Videos into your hard disk or PC can produce the huge amount of memory. Remove the pictures & videos from iPhone after backing up.

Remove Finished Games

If you interested on playing games on iPhone, try to remove the games which you finished. Games occupy more memory than the normal application. If you remove the unwanted games, you can use more memory to use.

Delete eBooks

The smartphone can give the option to read the eBooks efficiently. I am always preferred adobe reader in my iPhone to study my college notes & books. When I keep on saving the eBooks in iPhone, which will occupy more memory. It’s important to back up the eBooks in PC & need to delete unwanted eBooks from iPhone can bring some valid memory to iPhone.

Clear Browser Cache

I am the tech interested person, keep on eye on the tech news & tech updates. I was using Safari browser to browse. There are many browsers there in iPhone, but default Safari browser is best than other. Whenever you were browsing browser will store some piece of cache in your smartphone for next use. It will occupy a huge amount of memory from the iPhone. By clearing the cache in the browser will bring some memory to iPhone. To clear browser cache navigate Settings -> Browse Safari -> Clear History & Data.

Delete Messages

Messages don’t store huge amount of data. But when it comes with iMessages we can send images so it may occupy large memory. By deleting the messages in the iPhone can bring out some amount of free space on the iPhone.

Delete Voicemail Messages

iPhone voicemail can occupy a huge amount of data when you were making or receiving the voicemail. If you remove the voicemail messages, you can drive some free space in iPhone.
I hope this article will be helpful to drive some free space in your iPhone. If you find any difficulties feel free to comment below. If it is helpful do sharing in Social Media.

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