Google Reveals Security Concerns on Hacked Websites

Jun 26, 2013  Print Story

Google protects your web browsing with its Safe Browsing technology without even your knowledge. If you are using Google as a search engine, you are automatically protected by Safe Browsing. This is the engine that warns you about a website and gives you notification as to whether or not the content is safe for browsing. All Google products, including the browser, Chrome, are already provided with Safe Browsing technology. It is also available in other major browsers including Firefox and Apple Safari.

Recently, Google published this transparency report that raises some genuine concerns over the way we browse the Internet. It seems the websites that have been hacked pose more threat to us than those which have been intentionally built to hack.

In our previous interactions regarding Java and other software products, we have mentioned quite a bit about web security. It is pretty important that you do two things—update software that you have on your system and keep a very good Internet security and antivirus application.

These two important steps can protect you from most of the threats as they come to the world. In one of the recent articles, we also mentioned how it is possible to infect a person’s system by making him visit a particular page. That’s it. It’s quite easy and powerful. You don’t have your Java updated, and you are going to be infected. The hacker will be able to have complete, unrestricted access to your computer just like you are sitting in front of it.

Webmasters who are actively maintaining websites should be able to get information about account hacks or malwares in their websites from Google Webmaster tools. Users, generally, are warned about insecure content as soon as they are trying to get into an unsecure zone. You may also read some of our previous articles: Spotting insecure websites and Checking SSL on websites.

Also, it is important that you keep yourself updated about the latest security trends and follow the news carefully.

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